Green Party policies are developed by our members. We are a diverse group but work together to find a way forward that suits everyone. This is one of the benefits of becoming a Green Party member - click here to join

When a policy is created or reviewed, everyone is invited to share their ideas and give feedback on draft policies. Policy development groups steward the process - bringing together evidence from science, mātauranga Māori, and lived experience - and it is often a complex process. Green Party Networks and other groups are an important part of the conversation, helping us hear everyone's voices. MPs and Greens elected to local government give critical information about the political context. Workshops are held to tease out contentious issues. We take time to build consensus, and these ratified Party policies are the result. 

Our election announcements, grassroots campaigns, and decisions in government are based on these policies. You can see our announcements for the 2023 campaign here.