• Greens will deliver a game-changer on kids’ savings

    The Green Party will deliver Kiwi kids a more financially secure future, while reducing inequality, by introducing a national savings scheme for all New Zealand children. The Green Party announced a pre-Budget savings policy today, called Kids’ KiwiSaver, which will provide all newborns a kick-start deposit of $1,000, on-going top-up contributions, and matching savings incentives to assist families to save for their children’s future.
  • Greens voice concern regarding US bullying over TPPA

    The Green Party today joined with dozens of current and former legislators in calling for New Zealand’s trade negotiators to beware of the potential for the United States Government to apply the process of ‘certification’ to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).
  • Wellington weather chaos a sign of things to come

    Yesterday’s extreme weather, which caused chaos with Wellington’s transport network, will become more commonplace as climate change worsens, and shows the need for urgent Government leadership to prepare for climate change, the Green Party said today. “Scientists warn we will see heavier rainfall and more intense storms and droughts because of climate change, and the Government has a responsibility to assist communities to prepare and adapt,” Green Party Wellington issues spokesperson Gareth Hughes said. “The Government needs to show leadership...
  • Revamped “100% Pure” campaign needs real-world back-up

    Urgent action is needed to make the 100% Pure New Zealand slogan authentic, following the revamp of Tourism New Zealand’s marketing campaign with more emphasis on the natural environment, the Green Party said today. “New Zealand’s clean, green image is a major drawcard for tourists but the Government’s inaction on the environment means we run the risk of irreparable damage to the tourism brand,” Green Party tourism spokesperson James Shaw said. “Tourism Minister John Key says 100% Pure is just...
  • Govt must end non-resident foreign speculators’ Auckland housing buffet

    The Government needs to stop living in denial about the impact of non-resident foreign speculators on the Auckland housing market and start legislating to help New Zealanders own their own homes, the Green Party said today. “The Reserve Bank yesterday announced that it will use the limited tools at its disposal to try to dampen the impact of domestic investors, but it doesn’t have the means to stop non-resident foreign buyers from continuing to cash in on Auckland’s overcooked housing...