The Green Party will support and regulate business practice to be environmentally and socially sustainable. We will resource research and innovation and build a skilled workforce to support this transition. Small businesses will benefit from easier compliance, improved access to capital, and improved training and support. Additional resources will be made available for Māori and Pasifika businesses.


Our businesses are locally celebrated, nationally valued and internationally renowned for their economically successful, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible practices. 

Values and Principles

Policy decisions relating to business must be consistent with the following values and principles:

  • Honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi: The business leadership and entrepreneurship of Māori should be equitably supported. In line with tikanga Māori, businesses should focus on contributing to the long-term wellbeing of whenua and all people.
  • Ecological Wisdom:  Businesses and investors should hold environmental sustainability as a core value, and seek long-term viability through regenerative activity and reduced resource use.
  • Social Responsibility: Diverse, sustainable, community-based economies are a foundation of local resilience and ensuring sufficiency for all.
  • Appropriate Decision-Making: Staff and business owners flourish in a co-operative, productive environment. Those who make or provide the things that we use in our everyday lives should be acknowledged and valued.
  • Non-Violence: Businesses should protect the wellbeing of their employees and customers and prevent harm to surrounding communities and ecosystems. 
  • Fair competition: Local producers, manufacturers, service providers and businesses should be protected from unfair competition with products from countries with poor environmental and labour standards.
  • Innovation: To boost confidence and creativity, innovation should be encouraged, recognised and rewarded.

Strategic Priorities

The Green Party’s strategic goals include: 

“Aotearoa will be in transition, creating green work and broad prosperity while moving Aotearoa away from carbon-dependent, extractive and resource-intensive industries.”

Actions in this policy that will help achieve this include:

  • Encourage circular business relationships, where the outputs of one business are the inputs to another business, and engage in planning for the future siting of such businesses near/next to each other where appropriate and practical. (1.18)
  • Promote a fair competitive environment for Aotearoa New Zealand businesses that removes outright competition with products and services from countries with poor human and worker rights records and with poor environmental practices. (2.1)
  • Identify new business opportunities in sustainability sectors and practices. (3.5)
  • Provide ongoing support for Māori and Pasifika business service providers to support Māori and Pasifika-led businesses. (5.1)

Connected Policies

The Government makes many decisions in other policy areas that affect businesses. See, for example, our Economic, Workforce, Trade and Foreign Investment, and Research, Science and Technology Policies.


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