Sustainable business is about creating prosperity for everyone, by supporting local jobs and businesses that are good for the environment.

Government should encourage business sustainability, innovation, and creativity

  • Government research and support should actively promote business opportunities in environmentally sustainable initiatives and practices
  • Government procurement should support local and sustainable companies and jobs.
  • The tax system should incentivise clean technologies, low emissions vehicles, research and development, and other sustainable practices.
  • Government should provide specific support and funding for Maori and Pacifica business training, mentors, and start-up funding.

Local businesses should be actively supported

  • Government should promote recognition and pride in New Zealand manufacturing and service base, facilitating best practice and sustainability.
  • Country of origin labelling on imported products should enable people to buy local.
  • Grant funding and capital availability should be improved for organisations which support the development of cooperative, worker, and community models of business ownership.

Aotearoa should move to a circular economy where sustainability is good business

  • Government should use industry accords and other tools to ensure a fair playing field so that businesses that invest in sustainability, e.g. better waste management, remain competitive.
  • There should be a Code of Corporate Responsibility for all businesses operating in Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Business clustering should be encouraged, where the outputs of one business are the inputs to another business, especially near transport hubs.

Compliance costs should be reduced for small businesses

  • Tax compliance should be simplified.
  • There should be a one stop shop government website that explains in plain language how businesses can comply with all relevant regulations, including in te reo and Pacific languages.

Sustainable jobs are good for communities

  • The number of apprenticeships should be increased.
  • Training subsidies should be available for small businesses who want to upskill employees.
  • The government should increase training and mentoring programmes for people considering self-employment or small business, as well as people already running their own business.


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