We should work toward a global trade regime which respects ecological limits and local cultures, and which contributes to sustainable development. This should encourage good global citizenship and corporate responsibility, including through enforceable international law to protect human rights and the environment. Economic decision-making should be democratic and transparent.


Trade and foreign investment prioritises social, economic, cultural and environmental justice in the pursuit of sustainability. 

Values and Principles

Trade and foreign investment agreements and policies must be underpinned by the following values and principles:  

  • Honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi: Māori as Treaty partners and the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand, should have their rights and interests upheld in all trade negotiations between Aotearoa New Zealand and the rest of the world.
  • Ecological Wisdom: The purpose of trade and foreign investment should be to achieve environmental and social objectives which keep us within our planetary boundaries, and ensure the equitable, sustainable and responsible use of natural resources. 
  • Social Responsibility: Equity and intergenerational responsibility should be cornerstones of trade and foreign investment and exploitation rejected. 
  • Appropriate Decision-Making: Trade and investment agreements should be transparently and democratically mandated, negotiated, agreed upon, and reviewed.
  • Non-Violence: Human rights and fair labour standards should be upheld and the precautionary principle should be adopted where there is uncertainty or concern about potential harm.
  • Global citizenship: The specific needs, sovereignty, biodiversity and cultural differences of developing countries should be respected.

Strategic Priorities

The Green Party’s strategic goals include: 

“Aotearoa will be in transition, creating green work and broad prosperity while moving Aotearoa away from carbon-dependent, extractive and resource-intensive industries.

“Sustainable transport, renewable energy and regenerative practices in all areas of economic activity, including land use and food production, will predominate.

“All people will be empowered to shape the systems that affect them…”

Actions in this policy that will help achieve this include:

  • Ensure that all international trade agreements to which Aotearoa New Zealand is a signatory give full effect to Aotearoa New Zealand's Te Tiriti o Waitangi responsibilities, and give effect to the values and principle of this policy (...) (1.1)
  • Ensure all new international treaty texts are open to public scrutiny, and require a vote in Parliament before being signed. (1.2)
  • Retain or impose tariffs, quotas or bans where useful to prevent unfair competition caused by unjust or unsustainable production practices in the country of origin. (4.1)
  • Strengthen controls on foreign investment in Aotearoa New Zealand to minimise the negative effects of speculative and other non-productive foreign investment. (4.5)

Connected Policies

This policy is connected to the Economic, Food, Global Affairs, Transport, Climate Change, Conservation, and Agriculture and Rural Affairs Policies.


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