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Aotearoa can have equality between genders with women paid fairly, safe in their homes and communities, and in control of their own bodies and healthcare.

Government can provide leadership in creating equality for women

  • All new legislation should be assessed for its impact on women.
  • The Ministry for Women should be resourced and enabled to champion women’s interests and influence in policy development across government.
  • The public service should set targets for the number of women employed in senior positions.

Economic fairness creates a stronger society and economy

  • Women and men should receive equal pay for work of equal value.
  • Organisations should report on their gender pay gaps and have plans to close them.
  • Workplaces should be free from discrimination and family friendly, including providing flexible working arrangements, breast feeding breaks and areas, and domestic leave.
  • Specific programmes and policies should aim to reduce the social and economic disparities between Māori and non-Māori women, including in health, education, and employment.

Women should have good healthcare and sovereignty over their bodies

  • A range of safe and effective contraceptive options should be available and affordable, along with access to Family Planning Clinics.
  • A woman’s right to an abortion should be maintained, with good information and neutral counselling available to all women.
  • Sexual orientation should not affect assessments of a woman’s suitability to adopt a child.
  • The law should be updated to provide clear surrogacy parenthood mechanisms.

Sex work should be legal and regulated

  • Sex work should be regulated under civil law to ensure healthy and safe working conditions.
  • It should be illegal to have sex with a sex worker who is under 18 years old.

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