E kore te matau e rawe ki te moana takai ai, engari anō a uta.

Our country is at a crossroads. The decisions we make now will determine what kind of planet we pass on to our grandchildren.

Governments have known about the climate crisis for decades but have failed to take meaningful action, putting our future at risk.

In the last three years in Government, we’ve done more for climate action than in the last three decades of governments combined. The Green Party knows we need to act urgently and build on this progress, and we have a bold plan to support our communities and businesses into a more sustainable future.

If we make good choices now, we can ensure all of us, and our grandchildren thrive.

Agriculture and food production

Aotearoa can have a thriving and sustainable agricultural sector that responds to the challenge of climate change while protecting food security, p...
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Arts and culture

Artists and creatives should be valued and the work they make should be accessible to everyone. But the creative sector has been underfunded for ye...
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Broadcasting and public media

The Green Party supports a thriving, vibrant media sector, with a diversity of accessible and independent sources to entertain and inform New Zeala...
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Clean energy

We know we need to go further and faster on climate action, which is why we’re proposing a plan to kick-start the transition to end the use of foss...

Climate change

The Green Party wants future generations to know we did everything we could to prevent the climate crisis. Unfortunately, previous governments lef...
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Green cities and towns

Cities and towns can be places where people and nature thrive, with affordable homes, low-emissions transport, clean rivers and beaches, and vibran...
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International trade

Fair and sustainable trade is critical to the wellbeing of Aotearoa. The Green Party supports trade that is fair, protects human and workers’ righ...
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Sustainable business

In the wake of COVID-19, we must empower small businesses in Aotearoa to flourish, create new jobs, and support their local communities. The Green ...
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Sustainable jobs

A sustainable economy means good working conditions and fair distribution of the benefits of our natural resources. As we respond to the disruption...
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High tech economy

A strong manufacturing and technology sector will create jobs in low-emissions industries and ensure we can sell Aotearoa’s skills to the world. Th...
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Aotearoa has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help solve climate change while creating more vibrant, attractive places to live that are access...
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Workplace rights

Good working conditions help support good lives, but for decades, working people in Aotearoa have not received their fair share of productivity gai...
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