People have a right to know about their food choices

  • Labelling standards should accurately tell people where their food comes from, what’s in it, how it was produced, its national value, and its environmental impact.
  • Labelling should alert people to the presence of GE ingredients, factory farmed animal products, palm oil, additives, imported ingredients, growth hormones, and irradiated foods.

New Zealand growers and producers should be supported

  • Productive land should be protected from urban sprawl.
  • Buy Kiwi Made programmes should support local food producers.
  • Government and local council policies should encourage local food production including supporting community gardens and orchards, co-ops, farmers markets, and seed banks.
  • Public institutions such as schools, prisons, hospitals, and retirement homes should maintain their own food gardens.

Everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand should have enough to eat

  • The best way to ensure food is affordable for everyone is by raising incomes, including the minimum wage and reforms to the benefit system.
  • Schools should provide healthy food where it’s needed.
  • Food waste should be minimised, including packaging waste.

Government should encourage healthy eating

  • Sugary drinks should be levied, with revenue used to improve public health.
  • Standards and guidelines should ensure all food and drink sold in schools is healthy.
  • Public hospitals and other healthcare institutions should lead by example.
  • Unhealthy food should not be advertised during children’s TV programming.

Natural food production techniques are preferred

  • Organic food production is a good way to ensure the safety of food for people and the planet. It should be supported by the Government.
  • Farmers should be supported to reduce pesticide use.
  • Genetic engineering should only occur within a contained laboratory setting.


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