My whānau and I are proud to call Rongotai home. It’s got so much going for it, but it’s time to make it better.

I’m running to be your local MP so this can be a community where everyone has healthy affordable homes and reliable climate-friendly transport.

I know that Rongotai can be a community where everyone has the resources that they need to live a good life, in a thriving environment. Wellington can be a city where we put climate and community first.

I’m an experienced MP. As Minister for Women and Associate Minister of Transport and Health, I delivered real, positive change for our communities and climate, including:

  • Emissions-busting Clean Car Discount
  • Record funding increase to maternity services
  • Biggest public sector reduction in the gender pay gap in 20 years

And now, more than ever, Rongotai needs green solutions and strong representation with an MP who knows how parliament works — and who will work for you.

Your vote is powerful. We can make real change for Rongotai, together.

Vote Julie Anne Genter and Party Vote Green.

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