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We celebrate diversity and work to eliminate all institutional discrimination in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Rainbow communities are entitled to equal opportunities in law and in practice

  • Discrimination based on gender identity, gender expression, or sex characteristics should be explicitly prohibited in the Human Rights Act 1993.
  • Other discriminatory laws and policies should be amended to comply fully with the Human Rights Act 1993. s
  • Rainbow families should have the same access to legal partnership arrangements and rights, including adoption.

Health and other public services should meet the needs of rainbow communities

  • Specific health programmes should be developed and delivered, in partnership with rainbow communities.
  • Government should actively address the healthcare and other needs of intersex, transgender, and non-binary people.
  • Government should involve intersex people in public policy decisions around intersex issues.
  • Health professionals, local and central government, and institutions including police, prisons, courts and the military, should be provided with education and training about rainbow issues.

The public education system should protect rainbow students

  • Rainbow identities and issues, and human rights broadly, should be included in teacher training and school curricula.
  • Schools and organisations for rainbow young people should be supported to work together to reduce suicide and drug abuse amongst rainbow youth.

Community development should empower rainbow people

  • Government should support the development of adequately resourced community centres, outreach programmes and events, and the creative self-expression of people with rainbow identities through drama, literature, and the arts
  • Aotearoa New Zealand should take an active role internationally to promote human rights issues in relation to rainbow communities and people throughout the world.



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