Arts and arts practitioners should be valued and supported, and our heritage protected and preserved. Our strong creative sectors have intrinsic value to society and significant economic potential.

Access to and participation in the arts should be affordable and widespread

  • Government support should encourage and foster art in diverse, migrant, and low-income communities, including funding galleries, theatres, and other artistic organisations.
  • Arts education should be funded at all levels and supported by an arts education strategy in early childhood centres and schools.
  • Creative Communities funding is important and should ensure the strength of community arts organisations.

Arts practitioners should be supported to realise their creative and economic potential

  • Government should be proactive in supporting New Zealand artists and creative practitioners, including through international marketing.
  • Public funding should be sustainable and transparent, with artists and creative practitioners involved in how public funding is allocated.
  • The Government should provide an income support system for artists and creative practitioners.
  • Local film and television production projects should have access to the same incentives as large overseas film and television production projects.
  • A Literature Commission should be established to champion New Zealand authors and investigate ways to protect their copyright in the digital age.

The Crown has a responsibility to foster and encourage the taonga of toi māori

  • Laws should acknowledge Māori artistic intellectual property.
  • Government support for toi māori should recognise tikanga māori structures.
  • Māori TV and iwi radio are important parts of the broadcasting landscape.

Government should protect heritage

  • A National Policy Statement for heritage should be established under the RMA.
  • Central and local government should fund heritage protection, including earthquake protection.
  • Public museums and galleries should be supported to purchase significant heritage collections that are at risk of export.




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