Everyone should have access to a range of recreational and sporting opportunities, to promote healthy lifestyles and community involvement.

Community sport and recreation facilities should be accessible

  • Facilities should offer a range of activities that cater for different ages, abilities, and interests in ways that maximise the use of venues and minimise the cost of participation.
  • Central and local government should encourage flexible pricing for swimming pools and other recreation facilities e.g. lower prices during off-peak hours.
  • Facilities should be accessible for people with disabilities.
  • Government should promote women’s recreational and sporting opportunities through equal access, funding, and publicity. Extra spending may be required to bring women’s recreation and sport up to the same standard as men’s.

Central and local government should ensure community sports and recreation are funded

  • Swimming lessons other activities that promote safety should be supported.
  • New funding for community sports and recreation clubs and organisations should minimise their reliance on revenue from pokie machines and alcohol sponsorship over time.
  • Training and support for coaches, volunteers, officials, and administrators should be available, accessible, and funded.
  • Funding for elite and premier grade sports shouldn’t disadvantage funding for community activities and infrastructure.

Recreation areas should balance public access with protecting sensitive ecological areas

  • Councils and the Department of Conservation (DOC) should protect land for recreation and sporting purposes under the Reserves Act 1977.
  • DOC funding should be increased to help ensure New Zealanders will always be able to enjoy our national parks and other conservation areas.
  • DOC should prioritise fostering local recreation over international tourism.
  • Watersports activities should minimise harm to aquatic animals and environments.
  • Action to ensure clean air and water will encourage people to spend more time outside.



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