Tourism’s economic success relies on Aotearoa New Zealand’s clean, green image.

Tourism can be good for communities, jobs, and the environment

  • Overseas tourists should contribute financially to the infrastructure of regions they visit and to the protection of the natural environment that attracts them to New Zealand.
  • Campgrounds should be protected, including by considering special zoning for them. The
  • Department of Conservation (DOC) should not create further campgrounds in areas that are environmentally sensitive.
  • DOC should be directed to prioritise recreation over tourism.

The government should promote sustainable tourism

  • Aotearoa New Zealand’s natural environment is a major drawcard for international tourists, so it must be protected and enhanced.
  • Rail travel and cycle tourism should be encouraged including upgrading railways to be more reliable and reach more places.
  • Government should provide development support and funding for eco-tourism ventures, community enterprises, and Māori tourism projects.
  • Central and local government should work together to resolve waste disposal issues arising from tourists.

Domestic tourism is important

  • Tourism NZ should encourage New Zealanders to holiday domestically, including supporting people to “get into the great outdoors” to promote good health and an appreciation of our natural heritage.

Tourism should respect tangata whenua

  • Māori intellectual property should be protected.
  • Tourism agencies who register brands should be required to have a te Tiriti o Waitangi-based policy for doing so.

Tourism should be safe

  • Government agencies should work with tourism operators to develop safety standards and codes, particularly for adventure tourism.
  • Government and the tourism industry should encourage career structures and pathways that include safety training, along with environmental and cultural education.
  • Overseas tourists should have access to information about travelling safety in New Zealand.


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