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A just transition to a sustainable economy means using affordable, clean fuels and creating new jobs in clean energy industries.

Greening the energy system is a key part of combating climate change

  • The electricity system should be reliable, affordable, and 100% renewable.
  • A green energy system should work allow for more walking and cycling, public transport, electric vehicles, freight rail, home insulation, and passive solar design for buildings.

Clean energy should be supported

  • Low-cost government loans to households should facilitate more small-scale solar power generation. Government buildings should use solar electricity generation where appropriate.
  • Government should support the use of geothermal energy for electricity and industry, including facilitating iwi and hapu-led geothermal developments.
  • National guidance on wind energy should make consenting easier for councils and minimise effects on local communities.
  • Some hydroelectricity projects are acceptable, but wild rivers should not be dammed.
  • Hydrogen should not be considered clean unless it is produced using renewable energy.

Fossil fuels must remain in the ground

  • No new coal mines should be permitted, with existing mines phased out.
  • There should be no new deep sea drilling in our territorial waters, EEZ, continental shelf, and the Ross Sea region.
  • Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) should be halted unless it is proven safe. Underground coal gasification, gas hydrate exploitation, and coal seam gas projects should be prohibited.

Energy should be affordable for households

  • Government-funded home insulation should be prioritised to reduce energy costs.
  • Progressive pricing should be investigated.
  • Urban and neighbourhood planning should encourage energy efficient buildings and homes.

The electricity market should be competitive and deliver affordable, clean electricity

  • The excessive power and profits in the wholesale market should be re-balanced.
  • Businesses and households should be incentivised to reduce peak time consumption.
  • Clean, small-scale or distributed generation should be explored where it makes economic sense

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The Green Party supports the six demands for climate action put forward by School Strike for Climate NZ, who are striking across the country today.
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The Green Party welcomes the report that calls for more sustainable tourism by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.
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Green Party delivers on reducing transport emissions

The Green Party is already delivering on its commitment for cleaner, climate-friendly transport through our Cooperation Agreement with the Government.
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Green Party supports demands by School Strike 4 Climate NZ

The Green Party supports the demands by School Strike 4 Climate NZ that were announced today.
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Greens only party with plan to meet scale of climate challenge

A new report showing that the effects of climate change are already being felt in Aotearoa New Zealand shows the importance of the Green Party push...
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Greens welcome Labour’s climate commitments, will push for more action to match the scale of the crisis

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Latest Energy and Resources Announcements


Electricity market reforms needed

The Electricity Authority’s finding that an “Undesirable Trading Saturation” caused power prices to rise and extra fossil fuels to be burnt shows t...
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Labour’s energy policy shows progress, but more action needed to protect the planet

The Green Party says Labour’s energy policy is a step in the right direction, but the Greens would go further and faster to meaningfully tackle the...
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Stronger Green voice needed next term to stop more mining on or under conservation land

The Green Party is strongly opposed to MBIE’s decision to grant mining permits under public conservation land in the Coromandel.
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Low-emissions options for heavy transport a step closer

Getting low-emission trucks on the road is a step closer with investment in infrastructure to support hydrogen vehicles, the Energy and Resources M...
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Clean Energy Plan

The Green Party has always been clear that climate change needs to be tackled now, and we’ve done more in the last three years than the past 30 ye...
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Clean energy

We know we need to go further and faster on climate action, which is why we’re proposing a plan to kick-start the transition to end the use of foss...